Leading with Agility

A Masterclass to develop leadership
and Agile in complex environments

Leading with Agility

This ICAgile Certified Leadership Masterclass is an excellent course to learn more about yourself as a leader and the role you play in helping to develop leadership in complex agile environments.

Organizational agility capability and agile leadership

Develop understanding and skills in leadership techniques and styles to be leveraged by organizational leaders, Change agents, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Managers in a variety of context

Unleash the power of Systemic Leadership
Lead effectively to prioritizing the system and organizational health.

Develop a systemic capability to sense the environment and then make sense of it by synthesizing diverse perspectives.


A leader’s “ability to reframe sets them free” and helps them to “avoid getting trapped in cognitive ruts,”
L. Bolman e T. Deal


Learn how to restore balance into the system and make it ready to the leadership with Agility

Learning Outcomes
In this course, you will learn and practice skills and competencies for the new Agile leadership.
  • Why we need a new Agile Leadership
  • Leading with agility
  • Self-awareness and self-management as an Agile Leader
  • Horizontal and Vertical Development
  • Mental models
  • Companies as systems based on people
  • Leadership in conversations
  • Mastery the storytelling
  • Leading the Agile Transformation
Master Coach / Instructor
Agile Coach / ICF PCC / ACT Master Coach Certified / ICAgile Authorised Instructor
Agile Coach / ICAgile Authorised Trainer
What you will get
An experience that goes beyond the training!
This course is designed for todays mix of remote working & co-located environments
  • Online Face to Face Training
    14 hours of face to face training
    • Highly interactive Zoom meeting
    • Dynamic Mural lab
    • On-screen interaction
  • ICF and ICAgile certified trainers
    Hands on experienced Coaches
    You will be trained by professional Agile coach trainers specialized in systemic coaching, who have over 30 years of collective experience working with agile teams, from small organizations to large organizations with hundreds of teams.
  • Learning Management System
    More than 6 hours of additional content

    • Documentation and learning material
    • Professional systemic coaching tools
    • Interactive assignments
    • Group activities
    • Free access to our community of practice

Skills and tools to express your needs and create and resolve conflicts as boundaries that are part of innovation, creativity and organizational change.
Skills and tools for modern leadership
Shift the way of thinking from expert-led thinking to systemic and collaborative thinking.
The power of involvement and the consequent disengagement to achieve high performance
Mindfulness for leadership
Emotional intelligence and related management in relationship management
Full participation and collaboration-oriented conversations
The model of the dynamics of the human system
Incremental change versus transformation
Understand and facilitate the Agile framework
The “crucial conversations.”
The impact of positive psychology and the appraisal investigation model
Leadership and the art of telling stories that lead to change

No particular prerequisites are required to take the course other than an interest in leadership development to lead with agility.

A laptop/PC/Mac with a stable internet connection is required.
A webcam with a headset (or microphone & speakers) is also needed as ICAgile requires that the instructor and all participants have their video turned on for all training sessions.
A quiet space where you can speak and interact without distraction

We offer group discounts and hardship discounts for students and job seekers. Please get in touch with our training team by writing at for more information.