EIQ-2 assessment
& 1:1 Coaching

Discover emotional intelligence with your coach! An opportunity to better understand yourself and others
and advance faster towards your goals.

Emotional Intelligence:
EIQ-2 assessment & 1:1 Coaching

Discover emotional intelligence with your coach! An opportunity to better understand yourself and others
and advance faster towards your goals.
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Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, access existing ones and generate new ones to assist one’s way of thinking. Emotional intelligence also means understanding emotions and emotional knowledge to regulate these components reflexively to foster the same intellectual and emotional growth.

EIQ-2 assessment Benefit
  • Improve relationship and interpersonal relationships.
  • Improve performance and productivity.
  • Develop a high sense of satisfaction and more desire.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Develop a higher sense
  • Practice much more effective leadership.
  • Reduce stress and negative emotions.
EIQ-2 assessment measures and provides information on four areas of emotional intelligence:
Self-recognition and self-management

The Self-Recognition Quotient reflects self-awareness and understanding, personal acceptance, and a general understanding of personal psychology. Self-awareness is central to social awareness and self-management.

The self-management quotient indicates self-assessment combined with self-regulation. Awareness and the discipline to control and exploit feelings directly affect the ability to achieve personal goals and develop an inner resolution. Satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment are the results of self-management.

Social recognition and social management

The social recognition scale reflects awareness and consideration of the feelings and responses of others. The ability to empathize and maintain sensitivity to the moods and emotions of others allows for superior intuition and connection.

Social Relationship Management includes interpersonal skills and focuses intelligence on generating results. This social intelligence fosters collaboration and connection to harness the power of synergy.

1.5 hours with your coach ICF©

You can book a private session with your ICF PCC professional coach to understand all the test results and work on the aspects that are most congenial to you for an organic development and the achievement of your goals.

What will be given to you

Take the assessment with complete freedom and book your coaching session when you prefer. 

  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
    Personalised Report
    The EIQ2 © assessment measures the four areas of emotional intelligence: self-recognition, self-management, social recognition, and social management. This assessment provides detailed information on each area and how to improve in each related aspect
  • Personal coaching
    1.5 hours with your coach ICF©
    The package includes a private session with an ICF © (International Coaching Federation) certified professional coach to understand the test results and work on your goals.

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DISC assessment and 1: 1 Coaching offers the possibility to accurately and professionally evaluate one’s observable behaviours. Provides a personalized session to fully understand the results and meaning of the report resulting from the evaluation and explore the options available to improve your behaviour.

The time to complete the Emotional Intelligence assessment is very personal, typically between ten and fifteen minutes.

The EQ2 assessment subject of this offer is certified by ASI (Assessment Standard Institute) and approved and recommended by ICF International Coaching Federation.

Even if you will learn a lot about the different behavioural styles, this is not a training course, but rather an opportunity to know yourself and professionally analyze our behaviour’s impact on others. You will undoubtedly learn how to approach change and what strategies we can use to guide and communicate effectively.