Creating and Sustaining Organisational Health

Coaching with the system in mind, focusing on human dynamics.

Agile is most focused on promoting a comprehensive iterative and incremental approach, grounded on individuals, interactions, and goal orientation. Systemic Coaching exploits the dual feedback loop expanding the horizon of individual and predefined models towards the complexity of the real systemic interactions.
Systemic Coaching is coaching with the system in mind, rooted in usefully facilitating both individual and organizational success. It will be useful for coaching to extend your natural way of thinking, focusing on systems and human dynamics. Develop the ability to acknowledge and handle the complexity of the organization and echo-systems, lead effectively to prioritizing the system and organizational health.

My revolutionary approach to integrating Agile and Systemic Coaching brings life passions and creativity, inspiring, creating and sustaining organisational health.



Focused Conversation

Conversazioni più efficaci con il metodo O.R.I.D.

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Generare idee, confrontarsi, progettare il futuro, sono tutte azioni basate sulla conversazione che pervadendo il nostro modo di pensare ci fanno capire quanto questa sia importante nel raggiungere gli obiettivi in essa prefissati. Raramente le nostre conversazioni vengono condotte in…

A systemic Approach to design and support organisational changes

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Organisational Redesign and Change Organisational redesign involves integrating structure, processes, and people to support strategy implementation and therefore goes beyond the traditional way of thinking based on following well-known models and patterns. Today, it comprises the methods and techniques that…


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