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Triz innovatione
Spazio all’innovazione con Triz
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L’innovazione può essere rappresentata dal modo in cui creiamo prodotti differenti per utilizzo (interfacce) o costruzione (tecnologie innovative), cambiamo e miglioriamo processi per spiluppare nuove tecniche di produzione e metodi di gestione. Dovunque si sente…

Focused Conversation
Conversazioni più efficaci con il metodo O.R.I.D.
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Generare idee, confrontarsi, progettare il futuro, sono tutte azioni basate sulla conversazione che pervadendo il nostro modo di pensare ci fanno capire quanto questa sia importante nel raggiungere gli obiettivi in essa prefissati. Raramente le…

A systemic Approach to design and support organisational changes
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Organisational Redesign and Change Organisational redesign involves integrating structure, processes, and people to support strategy implementation and therefore goes beyond the traditional way of thinking based on following well-known models and patterns. Today, it comprises…

Evolving to become truly yourself
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We are all chasing for a meaningful life, and becoming truly ourselves is a cornerstone of this effort. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you felt that, despite your knowledge,…

Vision Star Canvas
Star Vision Canvas
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Visualise the Vision as the centre of the star! Where do you see yourself, your team or your company in the future? How to effectively communicate the direction towards what you desire? Last but not…

Identify Motives – Enterprise Agile Manifesto
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We are clear in our purpose for embracing agility.  Our unique and compelling reason will be clearly articulated and transparent across the whole organisation. The purpose of this series of articles is to walk the…

Purpose Canvas
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Write Down a Powerful Statement of Purpose A truthful inner purpose is what drives us as an individual or as a team. It answers the question of what to accomplish and why it is essential.…

What drives Agile Squads to achieve goals?
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Agile Squads – Draw a clear path in the big picture To properly support the effort that upholds our wishes and achieve Agile Squads Goals, it becomes reasonable to commence any challenge with a clear…

How to strategise the future with masterful Visual Storytelling mapping
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The Most Common Problem: poor Communication, lack of Sharing Understanding, ineffective Decision Making When it comes to mapping out a strategy for a new product, service, or organizational structure, we might have experienced meeting madness!…