What drives Agile Squads to achieve goals?

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Agile Squads – Draw a clear path in the big picture

To properly support the effort that upholds our wishes and achieve Agile Squads Goals, it becomes reasonable to commence any challenge with a clear and shared view of what in synthesis we are trying to make. Clarify our intentions will bring us to collectively agree on our purpose towards a shared vision about the future, and consequently, to the mission, we are about to undertake.

Those crucial elements weave our strategic plans with clarity, focus on tangible values, and tune actions with appropriate tactics. It is vital so that we can move effectively from goal to goal through objectives.

A big picture helps to achieve the goals as logical steps, on a well-known path.

Clarify Vision, Purpose and Mission for newborn Agile Squads

State Vision, Purpose and Mission as living documents will provide the North Star at any moment to lead the group to its next innovation, achieving the Agile Squad Goals.

Their simplicity will be essential to remind at a glance:

Why we are here

Where we are going to

What we are doing for that purpose

Ultimately, those statements don’t live in isolation but uphold a multitude of systemic elements linked to each other and vital for the future of the initiative. In other words, it is not only important to highlight each of those but also clarify the big picture and its narrative.

Now that we’ve got why initially state Vision, Purpose and Mission is so important, we have to admit that writing something compelling and grounded to our daily reality is not that easy. At very first, we need to fight with the meaning of what Vision, Purpose and Mission mean.

We will be surprised by how many different definitions and examples are available online, most of which at the very opposite in terms of objectives, making unclear which of the three statements to outline.

While we are busy in understanding that, we also realise how difficult it is to write a statement down which refers to the information, we want to carry over for the right purpose.

Neurologically, information is addicting. When a new initiative comes in, there always will be more information to explore, and from different angles. Unfortunately, too much of data disable our decision making. The temptation of summarising multiple possible definitions misguides anyone to make various inadequate statements often overlapping each other.

Last but not least, it is widespread to concentrate all thoughts and resources upon the concepts at hand, leaving behind the big picture and how each idea links systemically to the others. At this point, the risk of creating slides with the only purpose to check something off on our to-do list is very likely.

Here how to simply clarify Purpose, Vision and Mission:

A truthful inner purpose is what drives us as an individual or as a team. It answers the question of what to accomplish and why it is essential.


Next one is stating the Vision to illuminate the land of our destination.


Last but not least, how to make remarkable the journey clarifying the mission we want to undertake.


How to shine the remarkable inner purpose for newborn Agile Squads with the Purpose Canvas

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