Michelangelo helped our organization to embrace agility effectively,  granting solid continuity and supporting our new way of working.
Andrea Portuese, RTE Field Manager at ConTe.it - Admiral Group

Michelangelo Canonico has been one best lecturer regarding Agile Methods in TILS. He was both the designer and the lecturer of three kinds of courses on Agile Methods: Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Introduction to Agile. In all courses, the feedback from participants was always excellent, so I was very grateful to Michelangelo for his superb job.

Giovanni Lofrumento, IT Training Manager at TILS

Michelangelo is a highly talented man, motivated and interested in learning, he would be a tremendous coach and I recommend him without any hesitation.

Marco Pazzanese, Agilengineering

I did appreciate his easiness of approach, the extreme clarity in presenting and the ability to keep the audience involved. Moreover, his experience as an Agile coach was evident in dealing with real cases from our Inpeco reality, always willing to be challenged and proposing solutions out of the box. One of the best coaches ever met.

Liliana Prata, INPECO Automation Electronics Manager, Development

I was very impressed with Michelangelo’s work ethic… the feedback from attendees exceeded the initial expectations and was always excellent. I really hope to have the chance to work with him in the future on any kind of Agile project.

Manuel D’avello, Educational manager - Elis Consortium

I have been able to appreciate the professionalism and capabilities of Michelangelo as a coach on issues relating to various Agile methods like Kanban, XP, Scrum in particularly. His knowledge of Agile best practices application in complex and differentiated environments, such as hardware, firmware, software and mechanical, makes his teaching applicable to a variety of industrial contexts. His way to use examples and to organise workshops, make his classes exciting and engaging.

Sergio Cuniolo, Herzum