Star Vision Canvas

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Visualise the Vision as the centre of the star!

Where do you see yourself, your team or your company in the future?

How to effectively communicate the direction towards what you desire?

Last but not least, what passion drives you and how to enlight the destination with your intense feelings?

The Vision Star Canvas is a powerful tool which guides you and your team to clarify and state the vision, clearly and ready to provide the elements necessary to set up the journey, useful to direct you and your team towards an exciting future.

This process will help you to visualise the future and the greatness, aspirations and delightfulness, imaging a state of being that includes a better condition in any sense.

Powerful questions have the power to trigger your imagination.
To understand the importance of this powerful question, ask yourself: when I up in the morning, where I would you like to be?
Immediately, a picture of a place, friends or objects surrounding you will come up, doesn’t matter what you visualise first, it is the process that shows how a trigger can retrieve useful information from within, this is your starting point!

Challenge the team to think ahead in time; whether it be 6-12 months or four years from now, it’s upon you.
After this length of time, what does our ideal state look like?
Ask the team to write down some attributes, pictures or statements that describe this ideal state.

Cluster the information collected using affinity maps and give them a name; you are looking for seeds for a story.

The next step is to facilitate turning them into a Vision statement. A vision statement should be memorable and offer inspiration. Try writing a few and picking out the best one, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes; after all, you can always change the vision in the feature.

Now, you can place the statement as the centre of the star!

Create a context for the Vision with sun rays!

Now ask yourself,

what is this vision for and what impact would you expect?

What new behaviours would you like to have set in place?

Which themes link the vision with stakeholders and clients?

In groups, come up with a list of at least three ideas per each of the following categories:

  • Impact and Ecosystem
  • Key Themes
  • Behaviours

Review the outcomes across all teams and use affinity map and dot voting to select a final list, finally place the results around your vision, they will create the context and shine like sun rays!


Vision Star Canvas

Vision Star Canvas

How to draw your bold steps towards your vision

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