A systemic Approach to design and support organisational changes

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Organisational Redesign and Change

Organisational redesign involves integrating structure, processes, and people to support strategy implementation and therefore goes beyond the traditional way of thinking based on following well-known models and patterns.

Today, it comprises the methods and techniques that people follow, including individual performance, the recruitment of talent, and employee skills development. When the organisational redesign matches its strategic intentions, everyone will foremost execute and deliver them. The company’s structure, processes, and people will all support the most important outcomes and channel its efforts into achieving them.

Systemic Coaching

To properly support a successful organisational redesign and the enormous amount of complexity the modern organisations have to face, it is mandatory to adopt innovative and unconventional methods and practices that co-act systemically integrated.

Creating a Coaching Culture

Organisational change is challenging and requires a catalysing approach to ignite and support the underlying evolutionary process. Coaching can help the client identify the narrative behind the desired journey and bring it to light to understand and develop more awareness of the motivational reasons, the system involved, and the relative effort necessary to make the change happen. Consequently, identify and develop the resources to make changes more sustainably to enable and promote organisational health.

A coach can make a difference when he or she believes in people and organisation, partnering, supporting, inspiring people to make the difference for simply who they are. At the same time, as a coach, you can see progress when the individuals you are coaching and mentoring make measurable progress in their endeavours and encourage you even when you make a mistake, accepting you for what you are.

The delicate ecosystem surrounding our client’s complexity needs a genuine catalyst to reframe their narratives and improve their life, relationships, and business performance.

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